Provision Of the International Children's Pictorial Competition
“World through the eyes of children”

I. The purpose of competition

Development of international cultural and educational environment in the sphere of children’s pictorial art.

II. The aims of competition

Discovery, popularization and support of the most talented young artists, exposure of their artistic achievements, assistance in development of intercultural and international children and youth communications, strengthening of international connections in the field of pictorial art.

III. The jury

Winners of the competition are determined by a jury that consists of leading artists and teachers from various countries. The members of the jury choose works for the final exhibition by means of discussion and observation.


The marks are given according to the following criteria:

  • artistic individuality and skill of authors
  • knowledge of the basics of composition
  • mastery of techniques, in which the work is done
  • ingenuity of elaboration of the theme
  • a fine taste in art and the ability to see the perspective

The jury’s decision is final and is not subject to revision, as long as it does not contradict this provision.

IV. Competition authority

Partner InterGroup (Israel)

 The competition authority reserves the right for filming and photographing the events of the Competition in order to use these materials for the purposes of popularization of the Competition in mass media, to post these materials in the official group on social network “Vkontakte”, to upload the materials on “YouTube” and to this cite, as well as to other web sites.

V. Date of the competition

January – July 2019

VII. Nominations

-painting (watercolor, gouache, acrylic painting, oil painting)

-printmaking (pencil, liquid ink, soft pastels, linocut, etching)

Only works of size A2 or smaller are accepted for the competition.

Students of art schools for children, art schools and colleges, students of departments of art of children’s art schools, comprehensive schools, children’s educational art studio, orphanages as well as independent participants of the following ages:

  • 6-9 years old;
  • 10-13 years old;
  • 14-17 years old;

The age of a participant is considered as of the day of application on the competition website.
Every educational institution and every author would be able to provide unlimited number of works provided the entry fee is paid in time for every unit of work that takes part in the competition.

VIII. Competition Procedure

The competition consists of 4 stages:

 The first stage of the Competition.

It takes place from 01.01.2019 up to and including 30.04.2019.

1. Registration of legal entities (individual entrepreneurs) or individual participants on the competition website, paying entry fee in the amount of 40 euro for each work, which includes:

  • Participation in the competition
  • Posting of pictures in the electronic gallery of the competition website;
  • Acquisition of laureate diplomas and catalogues in printed form by laureates in person (if present at the exhibition), or via mail as well as obtainment of laureate diplomas and catalogues in electronic form via e-mail (in English);
  • acquisition of “award winner” diplomas and catalogues according to results of the competition in person (if a participant is present at the exhibition) or via mail in printed form as well as an electronic copy of the documents via e-mail (in English);
  • acquisition of electronic versions of “award winner” diplomas via e-mail (in English) by all other participants who will pay their entry fee but will not take part in the exhibition;

Information about the Competition will be posted in electronic and print media.

The exhibition will be shown in TV information programs.

The registration fee is paid on the contest website in the “Personal Account” on the “Home” tab.

Collective registration (regardless of the number of works submitted) must be paid in one payment (one payment order) indicating the number of participants in the payment order.

2. Uploading the author’s work is performed on this website in the “Personal Account" on the “Home" tab.

Requirements for the uploaded author’s work: the image must be converted to the electronic format .jpg, size not less than 2 Mb and not more than 3 Mb, resolution not less than 300 dpi.

The second stage of the Competition.

The second stage is held from May 1, 2019 to May 15, 2019 by means of electronic voting by members of Jury.

The third stage of the Competition.

The third stage is in person and is carried out from 16th of May 2019 to 16th of June 2019.

Upon the notification by the organizer, the selected participants of the competition must send the originals of their works to the address indicated in the notification.

Attention: the works must physically arrive to Israel no later than June 16, 2019.

The requirements for the sent picture:

Competitive work must be attached to a sheet of thick paper or cardboard, or framed in a mat. On the other side of the work a piece of paper 6×8 cm in size containing the following details in English should be attached:

  • name and surname;
  • age;
  • theme of work;
  • title of work;
  • country;
  • educational institution with address;
  • surname and name of the teacher.

Do not send rolled works. The organizer is not responsible for the work that was damaged during the shipment.

Works which do not match the requirements and do not contain all required details will not be considered.

Shipping expenses shall be covered by the sending party.

When sending to Israel, the cost of shipment’s contents indicated should be no higher than $5, because shipments with a higher cost could be delayed by the Israeli customs service demanding payment of a fee, which the organizer of the competition is not going to pay. The organizer also does not bear any costs associated with the postal and customs clearance of the paintings sent to Israel both in the country of departure and in Israel.

The works that are sent to the Competition are not subject to review reports and are not returned back to authors. The Competition Authority reserves the right to use these works for the purposes of popularization and development of the Competition, usage for methodological and charity activities without permission of author and paying author’s royalties.

Participation in the Competition means the acceptance of the abovementioned conditions.

The fourth Stage of the Competition.

 The final exhibition consists of the works that are sent to the Competition.

The opening of the exhibition and the awarding of the winners will take place in June 2019-July 2019.

Specific dates of the exhibition and the awarding ceremony will be announced on the Competition’s website.

The expenses connected with living (staying at a hotel, transfer and travel expenses, pocket money) of participants, teachers, parents during the stay at the Competition are covered by the sending organizations or participants’ parents.

The winners of the competition are determined in each age group and nomination.

The title of “Laureate” is given to participants who will take the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd places with the presentation of a diploma of a corresponding rank: “Laureate of the 1st rank”, “Laureate of the 2nd rank”, and “Laureate of the 3rd rank”.

The teachers who have prepared the “Laureates” are awarded with certificates.

The rest of participants will receive the “Award winner” diplomas.

You can register, pay an entry fee or send a picture in the electronic format on:

Download competition entries in PDF