Marina Voropaeva – chairman of the jury.

An artist. Marina graduated from a National academy of pictorial art and architecture (Kiev, Ukraine). She took part in all-Russian and all-Ukrainian exhibitions. She held two personal exhibitions. Marina is a member of The Unity of artists of Russia, a young association, since 2014. She has lived in Israel since 2016, where she opened a studio of pictorial art and drawing.

Her pictures are in private galleries of Israel, USA, Canada, China, Russia and Ukraine.

Galina Nadeina – associate chairman of the jury.

A teaching artist, top-rank teacher, deputy headmaster for curriculum and discipline of “Children’s art school” of local council of city Rudniy (Kazakhstan).

She is a member of the Union of artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a participant of republican and international exhibitions and festivals.

She does textile, metal and wood painting. Her works are in private collections of foreign countries.


Yehor Antsyhin

An artist, he graduated from Dnipropetrovsk College of art and theater as well as from National Academy of pictorial art and architecture. He works with such mediums as installations, photos, pictorial art as well as participatory projects, archive materials and land art. He carried out projects in Kiev, Kharkov, Wroclaw (Poland) and Brest (Belarus).

Anton Gudzykevych

A painter, he graduated from the National Academy of Pictorial Art and Architecture (Kiev, Ukraine), and continues to receive artistic education at the Faculty of Pictorial Arts of Saint-Carlos at The Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).

He is a member of National Union of artists of Ukraine.

He had personal exhibitions in Ukraine, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Russia. He regularly participates in auctions.

His pictures are in the museums of Ukraine and in art galleries of Spain as well as in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Spain, China and other countries.

Maria Zhurykova

An artist, she graduated from the National academy of pictorial art and architecture (Kiev, Ukraine), the Faculty of Pictorial Arts of Saint-Carlos in the The Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).

Her personal exhibitions took place in Spain and Ukraine. She took part in group exhibitions and competitions in Spain and Ukraine, and participated in fine art fairs in Spain, China and Ukraine.

Her pictures are in private collections of France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, China, Spain, Russia and Ukrain.

Olga Yaikova

She is a professional artist-designer, a member of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, an active artist for clothing.

She is the founder and the head of art studio and art-bureau for children “Kallibri” (meaning “Hummingbird”). The students of this school are very successful in different fields, for instance, in pictorial art, printmaking and composition. Her students reveived medals and awards in children’s painting competitions in Japan, Egypt, Turkey, China, Iran, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Russia. Her students always participate in various exhibitions and competitions both in Uzbekistan and abroad.